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Feb 10, 2013 9:35pm EST
at entitlements and make tough decisions. >> that me share with you reporting of paul west's -- paul west. there are about 15 republican governors saying no to this expansion. there was a push to get all republican governors to oppose it. rush limbaugh says john kasich is up for reelection and he is changing with the people of this state are. he is reading the tea leaves. the president carried ohio. death ohio is the -- guest: ohio is the epicenter of these elections. i served with john kasich. he has correctly determined that the medicaid expansion program is the best way to deal with ohio's uninsured. host: steve latourette suggesting the revenue is still on the table. do you think we need to reform the tax code to raise more money? guest: absolutely. when speaker boehner was talking to the president, he put $800 billion of revenue on the table. the conservative republicans said, you are talking about raising taxes. the speaker was talking about that, if you simplify the tax code and take away some of the gimmicks, deductions, safe harbors, you can raise $800 billion or $1 trillion over
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1